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Jamboree-On-The-Air (JOTA)

This the the 42th year for JOTA and is an International event where Boy, Girl, Brownies, and Cub Scouts meet at Amateur Radio Operators' houses or some special location within an area and converse over the air with other Scouts around the country and the world.

In 1999 We Will Be Holding JOTA, But where?
I am looking for people to help plan this event. Please send me an email if you are interested in helping! Again, it will be held the 3rd weekend of October.

We may be operating club call: wa0vtu or special call w0w

Mode   Bands Voice Voice2 CW
AMSAT   80 Meter 3.940 3.740 3.590
HF-SSB   40 Meter 7.090   7.030
HF-CW   20 Meter 14.290   14.070
VHF-FM   17 Meter 18.140   18.080
Packet   15 Meter 21.360   21.140
    10 Meter 28.350    
    2 Meter 146.97 Simplex  
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What I'm Involved With

I work for MCIWorldCom as a Data Network Engineer. I test network equipment and validate data network architectures.

I am an Assistant Boy Scout leader for Troop1 in Colorado Springs. Troop1 has a rich history dating back to 1915. In 1917 Troop 1 built the first Boy Scout camp in the area which was located in the foothills just west of Colorado Springs.

I like Archery and am a NAA instructor. I'm not good at archery, I just like to shoot arrows.

I build model rockets and destroy them at the launch site (at least it seems that way).

Amateur radio is another hobby. Like many, I'm more of a listener then a talker.

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Stuff I Do

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Biographical Information

Original Call: ka9iab
I received my first call while living in Silvis, IL. At the time I was working for Deere&Co in their world headquarters located on John Deere Road, Moline IL.

Current Call: kb0ppm
After moving to Colorado via North Caralina and Iowa, I decided to check the little box on form 610 requesting a new call. Since I live on a smaller mountian at the base of Pikes Peak Mountian, I decided that I really liked this call!

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Contact Information

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