[Antennas] TEXAS Bugcatcher

DavidE Benedict iam at pmug.org
Thu May 19 20:13:45 EDT 2011

Jim, I may be wrong, but I think the major radiator section of the various
ScrewDriver antennas is the base/case and the coil, and that the whip is
basically just a capacity element, a "Capacity Hat".

If I am right, a Texas Bug-Catcher formed as a tall base and top coil,
topped with a funny-looking Capacity Hat is very much the same as the
taller-base Screwdriver types of antennae with a whip. That is, I do not
think that they act like a bottom loaded whip.

I use a tall-base sort of ScrewDriver antenna and get out exceptionally
well with it mounted above and away from the car's metal. That is, it is
mounted slightly in front of the front bumper and above the plane of the
--BTW: Grounding is super-important for this to work as well as it does.

W7DBH, Mobile only in Oregon

JimMiller at stl-online.net,Internet writes:
>Does anyone have the "measurements" or can get them for a Texas
>mobile antenna?  I would like to buy one if anyone knows of one or where
>can get one. Even a junker so I can measure it to make one if I can get
>I have a HI-Q mobile screwdriver and would put it up against anything for 
>performance but, the motor has stopped working and I can't get the thing 
>apart, looks like the aluminum tube has ceased to the base.  I use it
>exclusively on 40 meters anymore so don't really need a screwdriver so am 
>thinking about the Bugcatcher.
>I am convinced that size DOES matter a LOT.  the coil size on the HI-Q
>the 102 inch whip on top make it a super antenna (although at 13 ft 4 
>inches, I hit a few trees and the roof at McDonalds and the bank) and the 
>Texas Bugcatcher had a huge coil as well so am looking at it as a 
>replacement.  I know there is(was?) a Caroline Bugcatcher but not sure
>the performance compared to the Texas version.
>THANKS es 73, de Jim KG0KP 
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