[Boatanchors] SWAN 117XC & 117C difference

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I have the manual for the Swan power supplies.
The 117-XC is the supply with cabinet and speaker.
The 117-X is just the bare supply.

This is from their ad/manual that includes the 14-X module also.
Unfortunately they did not date the printing, so no idea of when it
was printed. New the 117-X was $65US, 117-XC was $95US!

The 117-X was 117V only while the 230-X was either 117 or 230V.
Depending on wiring of power plug.

Rating: Output, 800V at 200ma avg/600ma peak
                        275V at 150ma continuous
                        110V neg bias at 100ma
                        12V DC at 200 ma (relay supply)
                        12.6V AC at 5.5A (AC operation)

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> No manual, but schematics for both are at
> http://www.pcs.mb.ca/~standard/acc.htm
> 73, Jerry W5KP
> Yong Surk Lee wrote:
>> Could someone tell me what the difference between SWAN 117C and 117XC is?
>> Does anyone have a 117C manual? BAMA does not have it.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> de HL1FB
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