[K6NCG] 1961-1962

Desmond Crisis dcrisis at desmondcrisis.com
Wed Dec 22 03:06:36 EST 2010


I'm out here now!  I live in the family housing on the Northwest 
corner.  Please let me know whenever you'd like to come visit.  I'm also 
happy to sked QSO's from the modest HF shack I have.

As an update.  The club shack from the 70's was demolished around 2003 
or so.  There was the old tower base with the callsigns imprinted in the 
cement, "K6NCG FOREVER!" but that has since been broken up to make way 
for a rugby field.

There are still a number of the other buildings still here, but they're 
not going to last too much longer.  There's a major redevelopment 
project planned over nearly all of the island.  That's when they'll kick 
me out in a few years.

On the other hand,  The old guard shack at the main gate is now a 
convenience store!  You wouldn't believe how much stuff they crammed 
into that little shack...  The old yacht club is now a public bar and 
grill (the yacht club moved into the garage next door and developed that 

They bulldozed the old Chief's Club and replaced it with a permanent 
party tent.  You can rent it out for weddings or whatever just like the 
chapel and the Casa de la Vista club.  Some other group is running 
Nimitz's mansion as a venue as well.

They fixed up the Nimitz Conference Center (the old Officer's Club?)  
and it's an event venue for shows and parties.  Megayachts like Paula 
Allen's "Octopus" have been using the old battleship pier on the 
Southeast corner.

There's a winery operating out of the old reserve center in building 
180.  There's another one in a corner of the old exchange.  There's even 
a vodka distillery running out of the brig!  (Maybe it's not the first, 
hi hi!)

Come on down and we'll show you around.  This is an open invitation to 
everyone.  So far only Pete WA6UDU has taken me up on it and now he's a 
big wheel at the Yacht Club.  :)

Treasure Island, 1999-Present

More info on the future of TI at: http://www.sftreasureisland.org/index.aspx

On 12/21/2010 08:45 PM, TC Dailey wrote:
> You must have known Frank Mizell (K4DGU SK), Dave Sublette (K9IHG... now
> K4TO), and the whole bunch.  I'm the dorky looking kid with the cans&
> skivvy shirt on, in "The 60's"
> Tom - WNØEAJ back then.... now WØEAJ
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> From: "patentlawyer at ieee.org"<clifflaw at att.net>
> I operated phone patches out of the station from early 1961 till Feb. 1962.
> Used to work the Pacific bases at Midway, Guam, Hawaii, the atols and
> sometimes Japan and everyone else stationed in the Pacific on 20 m with
> pointing the beam west directly at the Golden Gate.
> I do have a photo that I will send for the website.
> Clifford Kraft
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