[Tower-Speak] Tri-ex LM-354 Tower For Sale

Warren Melhado wmelhado@optonline.net
Wed, 02 Jul 2003 18:59:31 -0400

Tri-ex LM-354 54-ft self-supporting, crank-up, tilt-over tower for sale with
original rebar cage for concrete base and erection/tilt-over accessory.
Tower is about 10 years old but never erected.  With Technical Manual
containing installation and use instructions.  On the ground on Eastern Long
Island, NY.  All in excellent condition including installed lift cable and
bearings.  Missing tower winch, winch mounting plate, thrust bearing and
rotator plate and tilt-over winch, cable and bearing.  Tri-ex out of
business but Tashjian Towers still sells same tower under its name and has
Tri-ex parts.  Tashjian quoted me about $700 for missing parts.  $500 as
is/where is.  Photos and additional info by email available on request.

73 de Warren (WM2Z)