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Ready to Copy - ARRL National Traffic System - Message Management
Copyright 2014 by D. Lane Kendall WK4WC

Help Email Address

If you have comments or specific questions about how the software operates. Send an email to the help email address.

I am always open to suggestions, although I cannot promise suggested changes will be implemented. Send an email to the help email address. 

Severe Error Warning
RTC is distributed with a file named “RTC_ERROR.TXT”. Please do not erase this file because it contains severe error message troubleshooting information.

If the program generates a severe error like the one below please send an email to the help email address and enclose the RTC_ERROR.TXT file along with as much information as possible about the circumstances surrounding the error like which screens were visible, what you were doing etc. This will help me troubleshoot the problem.

Again, DO NOT erase the file.